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Our site contains a wealth of information, as Philippines'  top online destinations for real estate listings, our database contains vast potential investors' real estate. We make also available supporting data and comprehensive studies to guide investors in investing on potential dev't -  Check these properties now!

SEZ Properties compiles the nationwide listing on Special Economic Zones in a Philippine. PEZA policies, trade operations, duties and tariffs are also included. Check these areas now!

Residential Properties

Homes for sale in the Philippines is over a-million. Search for residential subdivisions, Condos and lots only and rentals. Our LandAsia Property Consultants  directory allows you to find Licensed brokers  and Sales Agents. Check these Homes now!

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Foreign investors in the Philippines enjoys tax incentives, tax holidays, tax reduction for labor expenses, and duty-free importation of capital equipment.

The Philippine labor force is about 27 million. Further, the cost of labor in the Philippines is relatively cheap. When compared to its neighbors, Better educated, better command of english and many are quite fluent. No wonder it is often said that people are the greatest resource of the Philippines.


Market Pulse and Inventory

Building area: 41,622,979,560
Land Area: 121,789,231,632
Total listings: 825,884
Total avail SF: 6,798,212,561
Total properties: 2,410,610
Total images: 4,280,239


The Philippines allows100% foreign investment in almost all sectors.  In 1995, the Special Economic Zone Act was enacted to encourage economic growth through foreign investments. The Philippines designated areas around the country into ECOZONES, for development.

We have agricultural, industrial, commercial, tourist and recreational properties in the Philippines for investment.


Market Pulse and Inventory

PEZ Building: 79,560
Industrial Zones: 12,,632
Total listings: 80,884
Total avail SF: ,212,561
Total properties:410,610
Total images: 4,239


The Philippines real estate investments cover excellent houses, condominiums and resort development well suited to foreign retirees.

World-class hospitals are already well established, and medical tourism is expanding rapidly.

World-class spas and wellness centers, is flourishing around the country. A modern, global, cosmopolitan
lifestyle are plentiful, whether dining and clubs or internet broadband and state-of-the-art communications services.


Market Pulse and Inventory

Residential Homes:3,379,560
Condos: 312,,632
Total Unit listings:12, 080,884
Total avail SF: ,21,0212,561
Total properties:3,410,610
Total images: 10,239

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Land Asia Realty and Dev't Corp is equipped to evaluate an opportunity quickly and, if there is upside potential (if our mix of management skills and financial resources can add value) we are prepared to act decisively.










With Land Asia Realty and Development Corp working for you, you'll have at your fingertips thousands of Philippine sales and rentals properties from Commercial, PEZA Incentives industrial Properties for sale or rent to Residential Properties such as house and lot for sale or rent in Cebu and all over the Philippines  featuring the highest level of amenities. The scope of our real estate knowledge and service knows no bounds.

















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